Cancer today is one of the many harmful agents of cell infecting phenomena that continues to be a source of major concern for all the World Health Management related bodies and it has today continued to be a major source of concern for nations around the world. Cancerous cells have a distinct for being among the 100 known cell diseases that are featured by the unrestricted growth of abnormal cells in the human system.

Cancer has its roots in history, although not much was known about the cell disease because the professionals at that time lacked the proper diagnosis and analysis of what cancer actually was. But, in the 21st century some many 12 million new cancer discoveries were made and today more discoveries continue to be produced on further researches made on cancer. Thus today, it has been observed that the disease affects one in every three persons who are given birth to in developed countries. Hence cancer today continues to be a major concern as it remains one of the many causes of sickness and high mortality rate all around the world.

Given the well-known fact that cancer has its roots deep in the human history and the Renaissance man had tried to treat it in the way he could in his own time with the little knowledge he might have about cancer. Today as a continuity for the development of cancer’s cure, many significant discoveries continue to be made on how cancer can actually be reduced given the fact, that there is no cure for it presently. In the mid-20th century, when cancer therapy research was in its intensity about Medicine Direct.

The results achieved through the combination of timely and precise diagnosis, selective surgery, radiation treatment and chemotherapeutic drugs, actually assisted in the reduction of the mortality rates brought by cancerous deaths, this is more common in developed countries and not underdeveloped countries. But as from that time to this modern time, more significant discoveries continue to be made on how cancer actually develops in a human body system and more discoveries continues to be experimented on how to eliminate it. First of all, it is important for the reader to understand what can actually cause the growth of these cancerous cells and the symptoms thus; we provide the reader with some helpful tips on how to diagnose if he/she or a loved one have it.


Cancer is caused by an abnormal growth experienced by one cell in the billions of cells in the human body. The abnormality in growth is proven to be caused by the impairment of the chromosomal material in the body cell. Most especially this situation is found in the D.N.A chromosomes when an injury is made in the cell. The result of this injury in the cell causes cell division and sometimes, this cell division does come about from environmental agents or it can even be an inherited trait.

However, despite the way the cell involved may be damaged, the genetic changes experienced and the abnormality in growth experienced is passed down to the other cells as the cell continues in its division. Research further made on these issues have observed that a damage to the cell is not enough a cause for a healthy cell to be transformed into a cancerous cell and so, further researches have proven that many accidents must actually occur in the cell D.N.A for the cell to become cancerous and this process does not come easy for it may take years to actually been actualized.


Acknowledging the presence of cancer in a person’s body could actually be the first step of cure to the disease. This is the most important step when carrying out any treatment because, if one doesn’t diagnose what is altering the state of the body, the person is bound to make grievous mistakes concerning its treatment. The American Society for Cancer warns, that one should go for proper diagnosis if one experiences one of the many signs and symptoms associated with cancer which include; unusual bleeding or unusual discharge, continual hoarseness or cough, some changes in the bowels or bladder habits, a persistent thickening or lump which come as sore and does not heal within two weeks, ingestion of food or a problem experienced while ingesting substances and change in the appearance of a mole or wart on the skin. Since it is a well-known fact that cancer has no cure and it can only be reduced significantly and this reduction of cancerous cells could only come about by an early discovery of cancer and treatment. In this article, we are going to provide the reader with some useful tips on how to eliminate cancer at its early stages.


The use of chemotherapy is one of the most popular methods for the cancer cure and it involves taking drugs which eliminate the cancerous cells.  When chemotherapy is applied the drugs destroy the DNA inside the tumor cell and this leads to the death of the cell which is infected. The drugs are given a controlled dosage to make sure that many of the cells are eliminated within the stipulated time. The cancerous cells don’t die quickly but it does take some time for the cells to die after the administration of the chemotherapeutic procedure. Thus in other to attain the best results it is required that the drugs be prolonged so as to completely eliminate all the cancerous cells.


The biological therapy includes the use of the infected person immune system to fight the cancerous cells. Since some cells in the body are charged with combating foreign harmful bodies that may develop in the body system, what the biological method aims to do is to create more antibodies in the infected person to fight against this diseases and eliminate them. How this system is done is by administering natural substances to the infected person’s body. The substances are injected directly into the person’s intravenous or intramuscular system and it can even be through the person’s skin tissues.